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At The CIP Group, we know you’re thinking about the future, and so are we. That’s why our 401(k) and retirement services set you up for success! We manage every aspect of your benefits plans and evaluate your financial picture so it’s in line with what’s really important to you—today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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At The CIP Group, our mission is to help you grow and preserve your wealth! That’s why we’ve partnered with DaVinci Capital Management to reach the best possible solutions that will help you meet your financial and personal goals.

We understand how important it is to prepare for the future, and recognize that it’s more than a one-person job. By working together with DaVinci Capital Management, we are able to develop a more innovative approach to your finances, think strategically, and determine effective products that help prepare you for today, tomorrow, and beyond!

DaVinci Capital Management is an independent investment management firm located in Cambridge Massachusetts. Their strategic approach to wealth management, retirement planning, and business needs allows them to think outside of the box in determining effective products, investments, and solutions to meet client’s goals.

How we can help

Build & optimize plans

We work with your business to understand your current financial position and how external factors— like investments and estate planning—can affect retirement plans and financial goals.

Ensure plan compliance

We remove the time and stress out of compliance by guiding you through the process of making important investment decisions and helping measure desired outcomes.

Manage funds

By analyzing the funds offered through your plan, we help to ensure your employees are making the most of their retirement investment.

Provide financial education

We provide tools and resources for your employees so they understand their entire financial picture — and can feel confident about their financial decisions.

I could not ask for a better partner to work with on our employee benefits. The CIP Group is there every step of the way continuously evaluating our benefits package, helping determine the best options for our employees, negotiating our rates, and making implementation as easy as possible.

Faith Kenney Director of Human Resources, 4G Clinical, LLC

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