Ensure plan compliance

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Sick of compliance stress? We’re here to help!

While laws regarding retirement plans can often be complex, complying with them doesn’t have to be! At The CIP Group, we provide you with all of the necessary information for retirement rules, the compliance process, and how to use our quality advisors to meet your goals. We ensure that compliance is done correctly and in a timely manner, and act as your primary support system throughout this process.


Plan management

Did you know even the slightest provisions can affect your 401(k) plan? Our advisors look at all of your retirement documents and pull apart agreements to ensure your plan is working at its full potential. We dot all of the I’s and cross every T to guarantee all plans are compliant.

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Cost analysis

Costs are key when it comes to compliance, and we make sure everything from your investment to plan costs are aligned with the marketplace. Secret fees can often sneak up on you, so we want every employer and employee to know exactly where their money is going —getting more bang for their buck!

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Investment counseling

Here’s a fun fact! Every company is supposed to have an investment committee. If this is news to you, don’t worry — our team can help! We do everything from sitting on an investment committee with you to ensuring your fiduciary score is in line with investment policy statements!

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Our Account Manager is attentive to our needs and is always quick to respond with useful information and feedback.

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