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Smart & scalable benefits plans

At The CIP Group, we help you create and implement benefits plans that evaluate your current programs, identify inefficiencies, and increase cost-effectiveness. By monitoring key analytics, we are able to assist our clients in developing and executing these long-term strategies that work towards growing their business.

Our process

Evaluate current plans

We look at everything in your current plan from medical to long-term care, and conduct a cost analysis to find gaps in your coverage, and provide the best total solution.

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Analyze and identify efficiencies

By looking at payroll and plan costs, we compare your plans in the market and ensure they remain competitive.

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Implement new plans

From collecting necessary documents to assisting in employment enrollment and education, we take a billion things off your plate and wrap them up into one complete box — saving you time and energy.

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Integrated technology

At The CIP Group, we assist our clients with enrollment, education, and the building of a complete HRIS benefits portal — saving them time on administrative tasks so they can focus on other business needs.

Our company, proALPHA Software Corporation, has been using The CIP Groups’ services for nearly a decade and the team never disappoints.

Adriana Komst HR Director, proALPHA Software Corporation

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