Background checks

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Focus your efforts on the right candidates with our pre-employment background checks and screening services. We’ll verify the information provided by the applicant to ensure you’re confident that you’re making a safe, smart hire.

What we do

Background checks & identity screening

We’ll thoroughly cross-reference your applicants’ information with the National Criminal Record and Sex Offender Registry lists, as well as county, state, and federal criminal record checks.

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Education verification

We’ll ensure that any applicant credentials are legitimate by conducting an education verification check.

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Previous employment verification

We’ll also cross-check applicants’ previous places of employment to make sure you’re hiring reliable, trustworthy candidates.

I could not ask for a better partner to work with on our employee benefits. The CIP Group is there every step of the way continuously evaluating our benefits package, helping determine the best options for our employees, negotiating our rates, and making implementation as easy as possible.

Faith Kenney Director of Human Resources, 4G Clinical, LLC

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