Medicare: Part D- Deadline

By The CIP Group

September 27, 2023

Employers who offer prescription drug coverage in 2023 must provide notices of “creditable” or “non creditable” coverage to Medicare-eligible employees or covered dependents before the annual Medicare Part D annual enrollment period begins. As the enrollment period runs from October 15, 2023 to December 7, 2023, the final day to provide this notice is October 14, 2023.

Understanding the Deadline

The Annual Notice of Creditable Coverage is a mandatory notice that organizations offering prescription drug coverage must provide to their Medicare-eligible employees and retirees. It informs them whether their current prescription drug coverage is creditable, meaning it is as good as or better than standard Medicare Part D coverage.

Deadline: Before Oct. 15th, 2023

The deadline for sending out the annual notice each year is October 15th. This date is not arbitrary; it aligns with the Medicare Part D Annual Election Period, during which individuals can make changes to their Medicare coverage. Providing this notice well in advance of the election period is critical because it empowers your employees to make informed decisions about their healthcare coverage options.

Why This Matters

Compliance with the Annual Notice of Creditable Coverage requirement is not just a matter of meeting regulatory obligations; it’s about ensuring that your employees have the information they need to make the best choices for their healthcare needs. Failure to send the notices on time can result in penalties and, more importantly, may leave your employees in a position where they are unaware of potential gaps in their coverage.

Taking Action

To ensure compliance with this requirement, please follow these steps:

1. Review Your Records

Confirm which of your employees and retirees are eligible for Medicare Part D. This includes those aged 65 and older and those with certain disabilities.

2. Prepare the Annual Notice of Creditable Coverage

Draft the notice or work with your benefits provider to create a compliant notice that accurately reflects the prescription drug coverage you offer.

3. Distribute the Notice

Send the notice to the eligible individuals no later than October 14th. Be sure to use a method that allows for tracking and confirming receipt, such as certified mail or electronic delivery.

4. Maintain Records

Keep records of the notice distribution, including dates, recipients, and copies of the notices sent.

We Are Here To Help

If you have any questions or require assistance with the annual notice or any other aspect of Medicare Part D compliance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is dedicated supporting you in meeting your healthcare benefit obligations while providing your employees with the information they need for informed decisions.

In conclusion, the October 15th deadline for the Annual Notice of Creditable Coverage is a critical date in the world of Medicare Part D. By acting promptly to meet this requirement, you not only fulfill your compliance obligations, but also empower your employees to make educated choices about their healthcare coverage.

Thank you for entrusting us with your healthcare benefits needs. We’re here to help you navigate these complexities and ensure a seamless process.

Other Helpful Resources

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1. When is the deadline for distributing Medicare Part D notices?

The deadline for distributing Medicare Part D notices is annually before October 15th. This date marks the beginning of Medicare Open Enrollment period.

2. Who is required to send out Medicare Part D notices?

Employers and plan sponsors that offer prescription drug coverage to Medicare-eligible individuals are required to send out Medicare Part D notices. This includes businesses with group health plans covering active employees or retirees.

3. What information should be included in the Medicare Part D notices?

The notices must contain key information such as whether the prescription drug coverage is creditable (as good as or better than Medicare Part D), the implications of not enrolling in Medicare Part D when eligible, and details on how to contact the plan administrator for further information.

4. What happens if the deadline for distributing these notices is missed?

Failing to meet the deadline for Medicare Part D notices can result in penalties imposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). These penalties can be significant, so it’s crucial to ensure timely distribution.

5. Can Medicare Part D notices be provided electronically to employees and retirees?

Yes, Medicare Part D notices can be distributed electronically if certain requirements are met, such as obtaining consent from recipients and ensuring accessibility. However, it’s essential to follow specific CMS guidelines for electronic distribution.