New Hire Checklist

By Kelly Holland

June 3, 2021

What should we give our new hires?

While this question varies by industry, company culture, and specific company requirements, the below is a general list of requirements to give to new hires.  There are many onboarding capabilities, either through your payroll platform, or through CIP’s Employee Navigator that can help streamline and automate these necessary forms and documents.  This should be used as general guide to building your onboarding / new hire packets.

  1. Employee Handbook & Acknowledgement
  2. Harassment Policy & Acknowledgment
  3. Safety and Health Policy & Acknowledgement
  4. Direct Deposit Authorization
  5. EEO Self-Identification Form
  6. Employee Contact Information
  7. Employee Emergency Contact
  8. Equipment Allocation Sheet
  9. Job Description Acknowledgment
  10. Organization Chart
  11. Payroll and Holiday Calendar
  12. Benefit Information (Benefit Summary, Summary of Benefits)
  13. Benefit Enrollment Information

Federal Materials

  1. Form I-9
  2. Form W-4 (As the 2021 W-4 had no substantial changes from the 2020 W-4, employers are encouraged to watch the IRS webinar Understanding the 2020 Form W-4 and How to Use it to Calculate Withholding)
  3. Notice to Employees of Coverage Options (employers who offer a health plan to some or all employees)
  4. Notice to Employees of Coverage Options (employers who do not offer a health plan)

The CIP Group can help build out your HR policies, new hire onboarding, streamline your current process (bring you from paper onboarding to electronic).

Let us know if we can help!